Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Phuket

Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Phuket

Whether you just want to experience an intimate dining experience for two or you just want to impress your special someone on your first date, then there’s a lot of good places in Phuket for you. Phuket Island is more than just its unique laidback lifestyle, clear waters and diverse cultures. It is also home to the finest restaurants where you can experience the real essence of love and intimacy. Here’s a rundown of top 5 romantic restaurants in Phuket:

Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Phuket

Da Maurizio

You will rarely see a spectacular restaurant that provide an ambiance of mode, sophistication, and romance and at the same time committed to providing worldwide cuisine. Well, one of them is Da Maurizio. In fact, you will surely reflect in clichés in astounding places like London, Paris and New York. Although the award-winning Da Maurizio is a bit expensive especially among ordinary people, it has been actually considered as a bargain by the international standards. That’s had been set by the Southeast Asian state. Simply put, it is one of the finest bargains for lovers who are yearning for a one of a kind dine and wine experience with their special someone.

Boathouse wine and Grill

If you’re looking for a romantic beachside dining experience with your loved one, then Boathouse wine and Grill is the best place to go. It is one of the most visited romantic restaurants not only in Phuket but in the entire Thailand. Sitting at the Kata Beach, this high-end five-star restaurant is home to the finest gourmet Asian and French gourmet. Notwithstanding the impressive ambiance, you will also love the excellent customer services that staffs can give. You’ll surely love the tinkling piano that plays evergreens along with a relaxing sensation. Plus, a glass of finely brewed wine and exotic cocktail makes the evening perfect for you and your date.

Diavolo Restaurant

Do you love a romantic dinner night while looking at the beautiful and shimmering sparkle of the evening light? If so, Diavolo Restaurant is the best place you can go. It is on this place where the majestic sun beautifully hovers above the horizon while you’re from a wooden deck next to the terrace. You would also love the gentle breeze while taking a sip of vodka martinis. There is no doubt that Diavolo Restaurant is one of the finest romantic destinations that you can enjoy.

Mom Tri’s Restaurant

When looking for a romantic place, decors and location are two important keys you should not forget to look into. That’s where Mom Tri’s Restaurant steps in. It is a perfect romantic place where these factors are well balanced, thus leaving you a gorgeous dinner experience that you will rarely have in your life. Its diving aura is one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular choices among couples who seek for a lifetime romantic adventure. As soon as you enter the place, it will welcome you with a sense of elegance that will make you feel more than special. It boasts an strikingly landscaped garden that makes it more awesome for a dining experience.

Le Versace

If you want a romantic and chic romantic dinner with your special one in Patong Beach, then there is no doubt that Le Versace is the best place for you. The elevated style that it has makes it look like being completely out of this world. You and your partner would love to sit on the comfortable sofas in a beautiful lounge terrace.

A romantic dinner experience in Phuket awaits you. Just choose among these top 5 restaurants and feel the delight more than ever!