5 travel tips to pack light

5 travel tips to pack light

People on the go have one thing in common: they travel light. Doing so keep them from having troubles with excess baggage and of course, the difficulty of carrying a lot of things around. This is especially important if they are expecting to check in at a later time than arrival. So are you a person on-the-go too, and you’ve have set Phuket as your next destination? If so, you better check out this travel checklist and read on.

Phuket Experience with this Travel Checklist

If you will be traveling soon, you should be able to know how you can imitate these guys who were able to organize their travel to Phuket. So if you’re travelling to the beautiful island of Phuket one of these days, below are five tips in keeping baggage weight down and travelling light.

#1 Make a checklist of what you need and bring

So how does these guys do away of excess weight? Simple. By making a good list of what they basically need when on travels. This will prevent you from taking so many things that you may actually not use or even items that the hotel or accommodation will also provide. To give you an idea on what your checklist should include, here is a sample of what a good checklist will include:

T R A V E L C H E C K L I S T:
Duration/ No. of Days: 3
Expected Weather: 28

To Bring:

  • Long-sleeve/Polo/T-shirt
  • Pants
  • Dress Shoes (if necessary)
  • Undies
  • Toiletries (check the amenities provided by your hotel)
  • Jacket or coat (depends on the weather or climate)
  • Gadget (cellphone, camera, laptop, mobile device) and chargers plus power bank
  • Money and IDs

#2 Bring long sleeved shirts instead of thick jackets

Long sleeved shirts can be used as jacket as well as common shirt, whichever is necessary. It can save you precious weight and space for a thick jacket, towel or blanket.

#3 Avoid bringing thick towels

All hotels in Phuket ideally provide towels. Thus, there is no need to actually bring these thick fabrics which consume a lot of space in the bag. On top of that, these are also very heavy for you to carry around.

#4 Keep the toiletries to what you need

Most hotels in Phuket will provide the basic toiletry needs of their clients. Thus, to prevent bringing unnecessary toiletries, which will consume a lot of space and effort on your part, it is best to inquire. Ask the hotel you will be checking in to of what is included in the package you booked or reserved.

article_6_image-a-1#5 Pack properly

Sometimes, the bulk and weight of a luggage is also determined by the way things are packed inside. To ensure that this will not be a factor to your weightless packing, it is best to learn the art of packing. You can find different ways to do this online.

To ensure that your travel checklist is going to be effective, be accurate as to the number of days that you will be away, the expected climate and the amenities that the hotel or accommodation you booked will provide.

How to reduce baggage weight is really easy if you will just be able to manage packing light. So as soon as you know that you are traveling for days in Phuket, make sure that you create a checklist on what to bring. Travelling to Phuket is indeed a very rewarding experience, but it can also be very tiring. However, as long as you have a complete travel checklist such as abovementioned, rest assured that your Phuket trip is just only about fun!