5 Tips to Make Your Phuket Travel More Memorable And Less Tiring

5 Tips to Make Your Phuket Travel More Memorable And Less Tiring

The astounding beauty of the place is definitely worth the effort of long planning and waiting in cue at the airport. The place depicts a perfect marriage of the old and the modern world. So if you are going for a travel to this place, here are some travel tips in Phuket that will make your trip less tiring, and much exciting. This will definitely make your Phuket travel more memorable and less tiring.

5 Tips to Make Your Phuket Travel More Memorable

1. Pack light

The rule of thumb for all travelers is packing light. There are a lot of things to do in Phuket, from sightseeing to enjoying different fun activities in the place, so you will be doing a lot of moving around. You don’t want your luggage to keep you from enjoying your stay so try not to pack too many. Hotels surely have towels and some of your hygiene needs, so don’t bring them. The same with beddings and the likes.

2. Be ready to do a lot of walking and hiking tours

Phuket has a very rich history and culture, which you do not want to miss. There are numerous churches, shrines, parks and museums for you to visit. So don’t forget to bring your comfortable shoes and a lot of stamina for all the walking and hiking tours that you might need to engage in. It is advisable to plan your itinerary ahead of time in order to make your trip more organized and less tiring.

3. Bring your camera

You don’t want to miss a snapshot of the beautiful architectures in Phuket. So it is a must for you to bring a nice, reliable camera. You will also need one when you go on walking and hiking tours. Historical and religious travels in Phuket are also great subjects for photography.

4. Do what the Thailanders do

Eat and drink and be merry. Thailand people are known for their social drinking and gourmet eating, and Phuket is set to continue this tradition. So when in Phuket, be ready to enjoy the local cuisine. Whether you are craving for scrumptious foods in an Australian or international cuisine, you would surely have it all in Phuket. Go out and enjoy the music in the well-lit bars and clubs in the area. It will make your travel more memorable.

5. Learn some Thai words

How else can you leave a good impression than by being cordial with the locals? And it will definitely delight them if you can manage to speak some of their own words. So before you pack your backpack and start the journey, make sure you have learned a few words in Thai language and start the good impression as soon as you set your foot on the foreign soil by greeting every local you meet on the road. Also, ask a few more words from the locals to even broaden your vocabulary. Don’t worry, Thai people are really friendly, plus they’re so cool.

A memorable Phuket experience should give you thrilling memories, not exhausting ones. So if you are about to fly off to Phuket soon, plan your itinerary and do your legwork. There are a lot of travel tips in Phuket, Thailand for you to be aware of but these five are the first ones that you should get to know before you start your travel.