How To Have The Best Day In Phuket

Comment passer un séjour inoubliable à Phuket

Phuket is the gateway to many world-renowned Thailand beaches, abundant natural parks and beautiful island. But it’s more than just beaches and parks. You’ll surely be spoiled with different choices of scrumptious foods, too. If you’re planning to fly to Phuket for an unforgettable holiday, here are the best things and places on how to have the best day in Phuket.

There are a lot of places and activities that you can do in Phuket. If you are wondering on how to have the best day in Phuket, as follows are the some of the few great places you should really consider of going.

Kata and Karon Beaches

Do you love the sun and water, but with a laidback setting? If so, Kata and Karon Beaches are just some of the most impressive beaches you can go to in Phuket. If you’re not satisfied, there are also other beaches that will make you enjoy life at its fullest. Bring motorbike, Tuk Tuk ot car to visit and enjoy amazing viewpoints that you rarely see in life.

Vibrant Phuket Night Marketers

Head straight along the majestic beach road and be amazed with colorful crafts, souvenirs and clothes from Phuket colorful stalls. When you visit Phuket, don’t ever forget to buy dubious items for your friends and families. Patong is one of the best places you shouldn’t miss for a great stall experience.

Exciting Nightlife

Phuket is also a great place for those who yearn for colorful nightlife experience. If you’ve loved the Kata and Karon beaches for a day adventure, then you would not surely want to skip a memorable experience with the trendy bars, high-end discos, and colorful go-go bars in Soi Bangla. There’s nothing wrong in trying these things once in our lives.

Big Buddha

What an awe-inspiring to lay your eyes to the majestic beauty of the Big Buddha in Phuket Island. This huge Buddha is visible in most parts of the southern Phuket. If you want to look at it at its finest, then have it from the top. You’ll be surprised and tongue-tied with impressive viewpoints, more than just the mountain’s summit.

Phuket Old Town

Another thing to make a day right in Phuket is to have a glimpse of what life has looked like in the past. Learn more about Phuket 100 years ago when the Europeans and Chinese have discovered tin mining. Visit Phuket Old town and you’ll also witness brilliant examples of Chinese shop houses. There are also cute clothes boutique and coffee shops, with a little bit of laidback look.

Stylish Places

Still in Phuket Town, there’s a really attention-worthy restaurant called Le Gaetana. Boasting a very eccentric look, you will get to feel what it means to dine in an International or Italian cuisine. There are only available 5 tables in this stylish place, which make it a perfect destination to those who are looking for a perfect customized service.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

Many tourists who have been to Phuket claimed that Phuket Vegetarian Festival is one of the most bizarre experience that they ever had in Phuket. Mind you, don’t be deceived by the name. If you think it’s only about vegetable foods, as the name of the festival implies, you are mistaken. Phuket Vegetable Festival is more on death-defying acts. So if you’ve got that courage to witness these kinds of stuffs, then you shouldn’t miss this event.

Songkran Festival

Perhaps, you have heard a lot of good things about Phuket. Held in April, Songkran marks the beginning the Thai New Year. It is one of the world’s most notable water fights. Whether you are a kid or kids at hurt, you’ll surely enjoy extreme childish fun during the Songkran festival.

Life is indeed too short, and there are lots of good things out there to see. Well, experience the best moments of your life by visiting Phuket- where unforgettable memories happen.