Do’s And Don’ts when travelling

Do’s And Don’ts When Travelling

Travelling should give you the best times of your life- never bothered by those hassles and risks. To make it possible, you must look into the rule of thumbs when it comes to travelling. To make travelling one of the best times of your life, here are the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow when travelling.


Get a photocopy of your passport.

Having a photocopy of your passport, along with other important information is one of the basic rules of travelling abroad. Nothing is worse than waking up one day finding out that your passport has been damaged or lost.

Don’t be scared of trying new foods.

A lot of traveler flock to different places because they want to discover different delicacies. You must be one of them. Don’t be scared of eating new foods. You should know that the best things in travel usually happen when you have the dare and courage to try new things.

Secure your room before you leave.

You should never ever leave valuable items in your room. That’s one of the most terrible travel ideas that you can imagine. Whenever you’re out, hence, make sure that you leave your room safe.

Know their culture.

Before you fly off to your destination, it pays off to make a bit of research when it comes to the unique culture of the local people. Granted, you may realise that your interest may not actually lie in discovering their performances and artworks but it goes a long way to experience the diverse culture in that place. It can be a fund and at the same time, an eye-opener experience for you.

article_1_image-b-2Pack light and layers.

This is actually the most important do’s when it comes to travelling, especially if you’re flying overseas. Bear in mind that weather may quickly change when you are on the verge of exploring new places, hence you would never want to add another headache by minding those heavy packs. It is also advisable to pack layers since finding a properly fitting cloth in foreign countries may be less fun for you.


Don’t pay for room through cash or wire transfer

When you’re on a vacation overseas, it’s always a better idea to pay using credit card for your lodging. For sure, you would never want to end up waking up one day figuring out that you’ve got no paper trail and that you are stuck without a good place to stay in thousands of miles away from your home.

Make sure that your phone is not on roam mode.

Nothing is more frustrating than going back home to see an astronomical cellphone. Having said that, it’s a must to contact your mobile service provider to inquire for an overseas plan. Another option is to use your phone via Wi-Fi.

Don’t spend so much of your time in your room.

You can get homesick when travelling. You can get legged. But mind you, sitting around in your room wouldn’t actually help. Travelling is just a rare opportunity for some people, so if you have the time, get the most out of it. Get out from your room, explore new things you’ve never seen before and have fun.

Don’t do drugs.

This tip is actually a matter of common sense. Don’t bring drugs when you travel overseas. Don’t even dare to accept whether from family, friends or strangers. While travel is all about fun and adventures, it could also be a cause of trouble, especially if you don’t follow the rules of thumb in travelling. To have a travel experience worth remembering in a lifetime, follow these do’s and don’ts.