The 10 Biggest Travel Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Les 10 principales erreurs à ne pas commettre en voyage

Travelling to amazing places like Phuket, Thailand should be filled with fun and excitement, forget about the hustle and bustle of long trips. Unluckily, many of us find it really tough to get away from the challenges of travelling. Whether it’s your first, second, or third time to visit Phuket, travel mistakes can come along the way. And they could spoil the fun!

#1 Making reservation on your own calendar instead of basing it on the schedule of the airline.

Unluckily, this is common to people who are after cheap travels to Phuket. From the end of the airlines, travel days are not the same. Hence, it is essential that you base your travel decision on the timetable of the airline, and not on your own calendar.

#2 Not checking the visa requirements

Certainly, you don’t want to be turned away by the foreign checkpoint as it is every time consuming and expensive. Thus, try to find out websites that have list of visa requirements ahead of time.

#3 Not buying travel insurance

In case you are not aware, travel insurance covers cancellation costs. Hence, when you unexpectedly can’t make your travel possible, fret not because rest assured that you will not be out of hundred bucks.

#4 Packing too much stuff

When travelling to Phuket, the rule of thumb is to pack light. Sometimes, it is tempting to carry clothing for each possible occasion; however, this might get you stuck along with so much baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit. Thus, it is right to pack your bag as normal.

#5 Not telling the credit card company about your travel plans

You will find credit card companies that flag foreign transactions in case of credit card fraud and might freeze the account. With that being said, it is important that you tell the company ahead of time to avoid surprises.

#6 Not keeping valuable safe

Theft might be the last thing you want to address in your travel, thus it is just right to buy anti-theft bags to avoid having your valuable travel stuff from being stolen when you’re on a trip.

#7 Not paying attention on the reservation details

It is a hassle to have a rummage in your bags for your itinerary, and perhaps you may not get access to a printer for extra copy once you lose it. Therefore, save a soft copy of it in your phone.

#8 Not checking the cell phone plans

It is vital to know the plan covers in order to prevent huge data roaming fees which is why it is one of the travel mistakes. To do this, turn off the data before entering the pane and leave it on airplane mode.

#9 Packing lots of activities into one trip

In order for you to avoid the hassle of travel, make sure that you allow yourself a good time to relax the best of what every location has to offer.

#10 Travelling without the help of professionals

One of the biggest and common mistakes of travelers is trying to arrange their travels without the help of professionals. You must understand it could be challenging task to get great deals, which aid you save on travel costs.

There you have it- the 10 biggest mistakes that you must avoid in order to experience a wonderful and memorable travel to Phuket, or even to any other place you’ll love to visit. Remember that travel is all about fun and adventure- never on hassles and worries!